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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your photography style?
A: My style tends to be a blend of Photojournalistic and Lifestyle Portraiture. Basically, I like to capture the day as it happens nautrally while using mostly natural light. Of course with Weddings, Maternity, Family and Newborn Portrait Sessions there are going to be some moments where posed photos are requested, and that is easily accommodated. In between those moments I like to capture what unfolds naturally – which many times I find are more treasured photographs than the posed ones.

Q: Do you have samples of an entire wedding that are available to view?
A: Yes, of course! I want my future Wedding & Engagement Photography Clients to get a full scope of the work I do for each couple. I will select a wedding or engagement session that most mimics yours to review so that you can see my style. This allows for a better conversation between us of what styles you like, and which you would like to add to your list of ‘must haves’. At the end of the day, this is a big investment, so I want you to feel comfortable that your selection of Ashley Wills Photography is the best for you!

Q: Have you shot at my wedding venue before?
A: I have shot many weddings at various venues both on Cape Cod and off. If for some reason I haven’t shot at your venue, I will plan to visit the site beforehand. This allows me to have a clear picture of how the day will unfold as well as create a preliminary plan for group/posed photos. As a client, I would love for you to attend with me so I can see you vision for your big day. If not, I can easily visit the venue myself.

Q: How long after the wedding will I receive the photos?
A: In the contract that we will go over together, it states that you will have photos delivered to you within 6 weeks of your wedding day. Ask any of my past clients: it typically takes much less time than that. Usually clients have their full portfolio of images, in hand – by no more than 3 weeks after the wedding. Some clients have even received them within 1-2 weeks of the wedding. In any case, I work very hard to get you your images as quickly as possible, while also providing you the best quality photos. After all, this is what you hired me as your photographer for.

Q: Are there reviews from other clients I can see?
A: Yes! I absolutely encourage you to read them all and ask me any questions you have. I have an extensive list of reviews on my website under the Raves Tab, but feel free to check out my profile on WeddingWire for any updated reviews!

Q: Are you flexible when it comes to creating photography packages?
A: Yes! My goal is to work with you and your family to create a photography package that both suits you needs and fits your budget. I have a list of packages on my website as a starting point. Once you have in mind the budget that you’re wanting to spend, lets start the conversation so I can build you the perfect package that suits you.

Q: Can I schedule a consultation or session through your website?
A: Yes! Check my Availability Page to see if your date is available, then fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


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